ZFX – Whiplash Part 3

More medical mayhem at the Cracker Rehabilitation Clinic, where beautiful accident victims are held captive and brutalized while their insurance companies are billed for their long term therapy. 

Perky redhead Bridgette is sent to the Cracker Clinic with a lower back injury. It isn’t long before she finds herself being examined by the pervert-in-charge himself, Dr. Cracker. The good doctor manages to examine just about every part of hot little Bridgette except her back, unless of course you count probing her wet snatch and tight bunghole as part of her back. Not to worry, the Doctor prescribes the usual treatment, perversion at the hands of leering Nurse White, the clinic sadistic therapist. 

Bridgette is gagged and strapped to an exam table for some therapy. Helpless, Bridgette is subjected to compelled orgasms courtesy of a vibrator strapped over her clit while Nurse White helps herself to the girls squirming body. 

Far from done with her therapy, Bridgette is then subjected to an extra large enema, administered through a spiked butt plug until her belly is full and excruciatingly distended. She is then left to endure this agony, a butt plug taped in to be sure she can’t relieve herself. 

Finally, Dr. Cracker horse whips the poor girl until her body is a criss cross of welts, each whip crack punctuated by Bridgette’s grunts of pleasure. Meanwhile, Dr. Nugent, a fiendish associate of Dr. Cracker, continues his sadistic therapy of Vanessa and Jody, two sexy sisters who were also caught up in the clinics insidious insurance scam. Dr. Nugent makes them pleasure each other as they are issued a blistering spanking and relentless jolts from a cattle prod to ensure their complete cooperation. Soon the girls are all too willing to pleasure each other if it spares them more of Dr. Nugent’s unpleasant attention.


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