Pro Villain Productions – Bank Robbery, Rape and Murder

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Christiana Cinn is a bank manager, Chanel Preston her trusty security guard. They are helping one last customer for the night but can’t authorize his transaction and they send him away. Little do they realize he was casing the bank. He returns with a gun and forces Christiana to bind Chanel with duct-tape. Then he binds Christiana as well and molests and threatens them with the gun until he gets the passwords and codes he needs to transfer all their funds to his offshore account. Then, while he’s waiting, for the money to clear, he decides to have a little fun. First he forces Christiana to suck his cock at gunpoint while Chanel watches helplessly. Then he bends Chanel over and rapes her from behind, grunting as he dumps his load into her pussy.

Our bank robber is far from done. He pulls his cock from Chanel’s ruined pussy and makes her suck him back to hardness. Then he turns his attention on Christiana. Just to make sure he has her full attention he shoves the barrel of his gun up her pussy. Then he rapes her while Chanel watches and sobs. After the cruel Villain cums all over Christiana’s ass, Chanel tries to make a break for it. The robber catches her and forces her to watch while he strangles Christiana to death as punishment. Chanel is horrified and begs for her own life. The robber makes her suck his cock at gunpoint, shooting his entire load into her mouth. But when Chanel fails to swallow it all he strangles her as well. Then he poses the bodies in each other’s arms, smashes the office computer, and leaves while the camera pans over the poor ruined girls lying dead on the floor.

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