ZFX – Tiffany Twisted

While on her usual late night jog through a deserted industrial park, beautiful Tiffany (a sexy Oriental girl) is accosted by a sinister masked man in a black sports car. Compelled to run into a warehouse where she is subdued. This is where Tiffany’s subconscious takes over, blending her thoughts into a surreal mixture of erotic dreams and twisted nightmares. She imagines the mask man, while strung from the ceiling, her mouth stuffed with a rag and taped shut, the thin gauze of her jogging outfit is slowly cut away, revealing pert nipples, a shapely round ass and a shaved pussy. The cruel bull whipping she receives is just a warm up for the horrors that will follow. Watch as Tiffany’s strange nightmare unfolds as she faces one bizarre ordeal after another created by the one that knows how to scare her most…her own mind.


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