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ZFX – The Worm

When a strange and sadistic worm like creature crash lands on the planet earth, two beautiful girls and a hapless construction worker fall victim to its unstoppable need to reproduce. 

With the ability to crawl into any organism and use the unfortunate being as a host to fulfill its evil needs, The Worm finds the Earth an interesting place to sow its seed. Using humans to do its evil bidding, The Worm binds its victims, wriggling entry into any orifice and turning them into zombie puppets to mercilessly tease its next intended mate. You see, The Worm needs to eat, but it doesn’t eat food, it eats fear.


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ZFX – Tiffany Twisted

While on her usual late night jog through a deserted industrial park, beautiful Tiffany (a sexy Oriental girl) is accosted by a sinister masked man in a black sports car. Compelled to run into a warehouse where she is subdued. This is where Tiffany’s subconscious takes over, blending her thoughts into a surreal mixture of erotic dreams and twisted nightmares. She imagines the mask man, while strung from the ceiling, her mouth stuffed with a rag and taped shut, the thin gauze of her jogging outfit is slowly cut away, revealing pert nipples, a shapely round ass and a shaved pussy. The cruel bull whipping she receives is just a warm up for the horrors that will follow. Watch as Tiffany’s strange nightmare unfolds as she faces one bizarre ordeal after another created by the one that knows how to scare her most…her own mind.


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ZFX – Underland Part 1

HELL is no place for a PRETTY GIRL!!

After a beautiful sales clerk in a downtown porno shop mysteriously vanishes, her desperate sister goes to a psychic for help. What Kate Primrod wants more than anything is to find her sister Kelly. What she finds instead, is UNDERLAND. Kate soon discovers that her sister has somehow slipped into another dimension, a shadow world whose entrances are scattered beneath the surface of earth. It is a place of awful suffering, populated by masked ghouls who seem to exist only to defile anyone who crosses their evil path. Through use of a crystal ball and the seers magic, Kate is able to watch in horror as both her sister and another squirming female beauty are bound, gagged and used in ways of unspeakable dementia. Can Kate save her pretty sister from this awful fate? What price is she willing to pay for her sisters safe return? Another maximum intensity supernatural shocker from Rick Masters and company. Starring knockout brunette Kelly McKay, and red-hot babe Kimberly Noble!


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ZFX – The Jackbooth Job

On a cold Xmas eve near closing time, a last horny customer walks into the Lickety Split Adult Bookstore, breezing past the sexy lady manager and her assistant, making a beeline for the peep booths in the back. 

The man in the peep booth bides his time watching a movie called “The Midnight Attacker” in which a hot redhead is horribly mistreated at the hands of a demented stalker. He strokes himself almost absentmindedly as the movie unfolds. He has his own terrifying images playing in his mind. 

After closing, the store manager decides it’s time to clear out the last customer and close up shop. Suddenly a masked, armed figure emerges from one of the booths. The horny customer turns out to be a horny masked bandit! He grabs the big titted store manager and directs her to move to the front of the store. He then shoots the male clerk. Now they are alone. 

Horrified, the squirming brunette is bound and gagged and made to go to the basement to open the safe. Unable to give the bandit what he wants, the scared girl is made to strip and is then chained up for some stun gun action. The bandit came well prepared if the hot manager refused his larcenous requests. With his stun gun in hand he intends to get in that safe. 

Shocked on her most sensitive spots, the nude manager jerks madly, grunting her protests, but she refuses to divulge the combination. The cock gagged strumpet is eventually shocked into a sweaty heap. Determined to break her will, her deranged captor then chains her on her back, legs spread wide. Her humiliation is complete as she is stuffed with toys from the stores copious inventory upstairs, which are then taped in place as her tormentor leers on. 

Convinced his victim is still holding out, the evil bandit tit binds the dark haired beauty, then chains her up for some serious flogging. Little does the bandit know that things will soon take an ironic turn for the worse. 

Lithe beauty Kelly Mckay and leggy newcomer Amber Bliss star in this ultimate ZFX fantasy flick shot at the fabulous Lickety Split Adult Video store!


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ZFX – The Toolbox Abductions Part 1

Two twisted fiends embark on a career of mayhem and terror! A journey deep into the minds and inner lair of Earl and Burl, two deranged psycho rednecks that use their grungy shop as a front for a series of their twisted and devious activities. Watch as two pretty vacationers find themselves in a bound and gagged world of terror at the hands of these twisted felons. Sultry sensation Chandra Sweet, Brunette beauty Lisa Kinkaid, twisted Rick Masters and the fiendish Brian Dunhill team up to deliver intense psychosexual drama in this Rick Masters directed thriller. Not recommended for the faint of heart.


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ZFX – Whiplash Part 3

More medical mayhem at the Cracker Rehabilitation Clinic, where beautiful accident victims are held captive and brutalized while their insurance companies are billed for their long term therapy. 

Perky redhead Bridgette is sent to the Cracker Clinic with a lower back injury. It isn’t long before she finds herself being examined by the pervert-in-charge himself, Dr. Cracker. The good doctor manages to examine just about every part of hot little Bridgette except her back, unless of course you count probing her wet snatch and tight bunghole as part of her back. Not to worry, the Doctor prescribes the usual treatment, perversion at the hands of leering Nurse White, the clinic sadistic therapist. 

Bridgette is gagged and strapped to an exam table for some therapy. Helpless, Bridgette is subjected to compelled orgasms courtesy of a vibrator strapped over her clit while Nurse White helps herself to the girls squirming body. 

Far from done with her therapy, Bridgette is then subjected to an extra large enema, administered through a spiked butt plug until her belly is full and excruciatingly distended. She is then left to endure this agony, a butt plug taped in to be sure she can’t relieve herself. 

Finally, Dr. Cracker horse whips the poor girl until her body is a criss cross of welts, each whip crack punctuated by Bridgette’s grunts of pleasure. Meanwhile, Dr. Nugent, a fiendish associate of Dr. Cracker, continues his sadistic therapy of Vanessa and Jody, two sexy sisters who were also caught up in the clinics insidious insurance scam. Dr. Nugent makes them pleasure each other as they are issued a blistering spanking and relentless jolts from a cattle prod to ensure their complete cooperation. Soon the girls are all too willing to pleasure each other if it spares them more of Dr. Nugent’s unpleasant attention.


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ZFX – Xtractor

When a cursed 19th century medical device is unearthed and brought back to the states for analysis by beautiful archeologist Kristine Denning, it can only lead to gorgeous ladies in peril, in Xtractor! Legend has it that the device called a Gunnar Xtractor was developed by Dr. Adolf Gunnar, a late 19th century German scientist. Unfortunately, his experiments began to take a more sinister coarse and when local villagers realized what Gunnar was up to, they destroyed his lab and buried the evil Xtractor until it was exhumed in the 20th Century by Professor Denning, who is bent on re-creating Gunnar’s experiments.

When Melisa Weatherby, an investigator from the college board of regents, finds out about Professor Denning’s sinister project, she threatens to put a stop to it. It isn’t long before the pretty investigator becomes the bound and gagged prisoner of the Professor. Nosy Melissa will be the Xtractor’s first test subject.


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ZFX – Underland Part 2

In part one of Underland, when a beautiful porno shop sales clerk mysteriously vanishes, her desperate sister goes to a psychic for help. The powerful mystic soon discovers that Kate’s sister Kelly has somehow slipped into another dimension known as the Underland, a shadow world inhabited by masked fiends skilled in the flaying of female flesh for some purpose not fully understood.

Through the use of a crystal ball, Kate witnesses the unspeakable torment of her sister along with another hapless beauty. The median suggests she attempt to contact Kelly directly through the crystal ball, but in order to carry out the dangerous psychic feat she must be strapped down to prevent her from injuring herself or others. Tightly bound and gagged, Kate takes a frightening sensory ride to the other side. There she witnesses more of her sisters excruciating punishment and humiliation in intimate detail. But the experience is too much for poor Kate, who begins bucking madly in convulsions and is taken to a mental ward for emergency treatment.

Now in part two of Underland, troubled Kate is treated by Dr. Lombardo, a seemingly mild mannered staff psychiatrist. Put at ease by his kindly demeanor and gentile prodding, Kate opens up about what she saw during her psychic journey to the Underland. Unfortunately for poor Kate, Dr. Lombardo is all too familiar with the Underland. After Kate describes her ordeal to the good Doctor, he shape-shifts into a disgusting lumpy headed humanoid creature. As Kate sits there stunned, the beast promptly sprouts a 3 foot tenticular appendage and it appears the Doctor is as amorous as he is ugly. As two tendrils shoot from the beast’s crotch, binding Kate’s wrists and choking her into submission, Kate wonders if she has lost her mind. Maybe she never really left the Underland at all….


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ZFX – Video Pirates Part 5

In this the 5th installment in the Video Pirates Series, Rick Sretsam, small time adult entrepreneur (pornographer), continues to do battle against the ruthless Video Pirates, a virtuous group of New York thugs who counterfeit porno tapes and squash anyone who tries to stop them. In a high stakes game of bound and gagged brinkmanship, Rick and the Video Pirates have waged a campaign of terror against each other, taking turns stealing each others wives, girlfriends etc. to achieve their respective goals. Set in the twilight under world forgotten by police and politicians, this story has more bad stereo types and tied up women than on those 60’s-70’s action shows. You remember, back when things were “really bad”? Yeah right!


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ZFX – The Cheerleaders Of Perelious Part 1

Two beautiful rivals who will do anything to win. Big blonde Viki has everything a big-breasted rich girl could want except one thing. She wants to be the head of the cheerleading squad, but another cheerleader, a perky brunette named Tiffany looks sure to fill the coveted position. 

So what what’s a poor little rich girl to do? How about hiring Ernie, a psycho perv nerd with the hots for sweet Tiffany, to bind, gag and spirit her away from her own bedroom, then hold her at Viki’s father’s abandoned factory until the tryouts are over. But that’s not the least of what Viki has planned for Tiffany’s squirming body, her twisted plans carried out with frightening precision by Ernie who acts as her eager submissive puppet.


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