ZFX – Xtractor

When a cursed 19th century medical device is unearthed and brought back to the states for analysis by beautiful archeologist Kristine Denning, it can only lead to gorgeous ladies in peril, in Xtractor! Legend has it that the device called a Gunnar Xtractor was developed by Dr. Adolf Gunnar, a late 19th century German scientist. Unfortunately, his experiments began to take a more sinister coarse and when local villagers realized what Gunnar was up to, they destroyed his lab and buried the evil Xtractor until it was exhumed in the 20th Century by Professor Denning, who is bent on re-creating Gunnar’s experiments.

When Melisa Weatherby, an investigator from the college board of regents, finds out about Professor Denning’s sinister project, she threatens to put a stop to it. It isn’t long before the pretty investigator becomes the bound and gagged prisoner of the Professor. Nosy Melissa will be the Xtractor’s first test subject.


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