PKF Studios – Arrest Gone Wrong

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Starring Liv ReVamped

The sound of the rippling bubbles in Aaron’s bong echo through the house. He exhales a massive toke, filling the living room with smoke. Through his cannabinoid haze he doesn’t notice Officer Liv creep into the room, her service pistol drawn. She announces herself and orders Aaron to freeze. Aaron coughs as she reads him his Miranda rights.

Unfortunately for Aaron, he lives in a state that still puts people in jail for smoking weed. Rather than find out if the whole “prison shower” thing is real or not, Aaron lunges at Officer Liv. He gets the officer in a full nelson, making her drop her radio. Liv struggles against her much larger assailant and really wishes she had slapped the cuffs on the stoner who looked half asleep on the couch a moment ago.

During the struggle, Aaron manages to grab the cord off the window blinds and wrap it around Officer Liv’s neck. He loosens her up with some vicious liver shots and tightens the cord even more. Officer down. Aaron can’t believe what he’s done, but there’s no way he’s going to jail. He figures he may as well go all the way now and begins groping the hot cop’s plump booty.

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