PKF Studios – Last Photos Of Lily

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Starring Lily Glee

In a room in Vegas, Lily and Aaron are doing an impromptu photoshoot. The petite brunette shyly strips off her hoodie and plays with her perky tits while Aarons snaps pics on his phone. Lily slides off her Victoria’s Secret sweatpants and shows off her lacey pink panties.

Aaron instructs Lily to take off her panties. She poses for him while he takes photos of her pretty pussy and asshole. He gets kinky and binds her ankles with a zip tie. He takes some more pics before blindfolding Lily and binding her hands behind her back.

Aaron pulls her head to the edge of the bed and slips another zip tie around her neck. Aaron snaps the zip tie shut with a sickening snap as her trachea caves in. As Lily spasms and writhes in pain, Aaron shoves his cock in her mouth and skull fucks her.

Lily twitches upright but Aaron holds her in place by the back of her head. Bound and choking, she is powerless to do anything about the huge cock stuffed in her mouth. Her eyes bulge and she spasms back and forth. Aaron lets her spastic motions do the work, as she bobs on his cock in the throes of death.

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