Dark Heart Horror – Private Nurse

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She brings him upstairs for some very personal attention. it’s all going great for Gary who is literally in heaven with this very attentive nurse, that is until Megan suddenly realizes what she has become. She tells Gary she just can’t do this and starts to get dressed. a sexually frustrated Gary can only watch as she first puts on her bra and panties, then her pantyhose, he pulls her back in the bed but finds her very uncooperative. He starts to pull down her bra but she kicks him away, she starts resisting but Gary violently SMACKS MEGAN IN THE HEAD, leaving her KNOCKED OUT. What he doesn’t know is that he has just KILLED HER! He plays around with her body then starts to catch on that she isn’t just passed out. He lifts up her eyelids and sees no pupillary response. Luckily for Gary he is a bit of a selfish rich asshole so he just finishes her off anyway..

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