Erotic Nightmares – Serial Killer 2

Lori just left the club and is walking home, she decides to take a short cut thru a dark alley.  She had a little to much to drink at the club so she staggers down the alley not really paying much attention to anything. A masked man grabs her from behind and chloros her then carries her off.

 He finds a secluded spot in a shipping yard,  with her hands bound to one of the large metal shipping containers and duct tape over her mouth he begins to fondle her. She wakes up and tries to scream and get away  but there is no escape. He cuts her dress off and fondles her breasts, then he starts to cut off her pantyhose and she starts to cry. Once they are off he fingers her then rapes her. While he is raping her he cuts her throat, her blood begins to squirt out and he continues to rape her while running his hand over the blood and his fingers in the wound as blood is still pouring out. She begins to shiver from all the blood loss and dies. 
NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!! this clip is very graphic and bloody, blood pours from her neck wound for over a minute. 

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