Necro Videos – Tyler’s Tub Drowning

Tyler’s boyfriend forces her into the tub (face first) after she tells him that she doesn’t feel like having sex with him – she tries to convince him that she wants to take a bath first – to get cleaned up – and maybe then they can fool around. He wants it now and can’t stand her lying so he begins to force her face into the water over and over making her gasp for air. He grabs her soaking wet hair and pulls her head up and begins fucking her as hard as he can after he restrains her hands with handcuffs. He continues on and on, dunking her head and fucking her until her body finally goes limp. He pulls her from the water and leans her lifeless body over the tub and fucks her face until he shoots his load all over her face and puts her back in the tub and leaves her there.

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