PKF Studios – Alone And Vulnerable 2: Part 2

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After the initial sexual torture, it continues. Now, he is ready to take her. He fucks her in several positions, but he is not done. He starts playing with her ass. She does not want it their….but he does.
He fingers her ass, then slides his engorged cock deep in her butt—what was once a one way now is two way!…..She is in misery as he fucks her ass for a good long while.

She is sobbing and exhausted when done, but he wants something else from her. He wants her to wrap her teenage lips around his cock and suck him like there is no tomorrow. And so that she may live, she does.
When it is over, she is dripping with his jizz. She wants nothing more for him to leave and for this nightmare to be over.
But he wants one more thing from her.
Her life.
He wraps the silk tie of her robe around her neck and yanks her back. She fights for her life….legs jiggling and kicking. Her whole body bucks and her face contorts as she tried for air. Nothing enters. She is dying and the fear is in her eyes as she understands this.
In the final stages, her body is just responding, shaking, twitching and then eventually still. He has killed her.

Then, he leaves.

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