PKF Studios – Creep Conquers Helena

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Starring Petra.

Humiliation upon humiliation as Helena must bend to this mans will. Opportunities to get her crossbow back are missed during the long episode of rape and degradation. In a Hail Mary, she bits his cock, but nothing seems to slow him down and he has her in his sights, using her own crossbow, he is ready to end her. But she begs and begs and pleads and pisses herself until he relents. He pushes her up against the fence, fucks her more, then back to some other positions until finally, he has her in reverse cowgirl and grabs her throat. He takes his sweet time fucking her and hand strangling the life out of her. She slowly dies and when finally, she is just a blank staring, floppy, limp, shell of a failed superhero bitch, he empties his load deep inside her cunt.

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