PKF Studios – Dead Teen POV

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Starring Harmony Wonder

The hot teen sits on a non-descript sofa in a home or studio and is candidly interviewed by the director.
She is small, petite, cute and just the perfect type of girl for this popular reality POV series. Her answers are cute and intelligent, cementing her personality with the audience enough that when she is ready for action, the audience is excited and hopeful to see her perform.

Suddenly, as the director announcing that now she will be doing a video for Dead Teen POV, the talent wraps a garrote around her tiny next and starts strangling her.

At one point she manages to break free, crawling frantically toward the director begging for her life before she is wretched back into a seated position on the sofa and brutally strangled until dead.
After it is over, the talent then spends plenty of time fucking her gaping teen mouth, then fucking her pussy hole in multiple positions until filling her up with his jizz.

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