PKF Studios – Fascination

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Starring Kate Kennedy

She was on a case. A young woman murdered. At the hotel, she pulled off the tape and entered the room. The body had been removed earlier in the day. The scene was cleared. She just wanted to take in the aesthetics of the crime scene to help her think about the victim, motive, etc. It was helpful to her and something she often did. Only, this time was different. While she did her normal looking at the scene, she was drawn to the noose. Red. Just hanging there. 

She slipped out of her shoes, replacing the chair that the victim had stood on only hours before, and stepped up. With the noose around her neck, she felt strongly empowered. Empowered with the knowledge that she had ultimate control of her life—her very existence right now in this moment. She could end it all. And…that made her feel sexy.
As the young detective fondled herself, he watched her. He came back through the vent after the CSI’s left. He knew they would find no evidence. He was a ghost. But still, he liked to look things over anyhow and that was when she arrived. Now, he was turned on as he watched her fondle herself below him. He could yank up on the noose, dislodge her, and kill her now. But there as something about her. He wanted to see more of her.

She climbed back down and headed upstairs to complete her investigation. It was there she was attacked. Chloroformed.
She woke up, hands cuffed behind her back, bit-gagged. Vulnerable. He tried to confront her, and he had his way with her. She was not in her right might. Loopy from the chloroforming, high from the orgasm earlier, and now getting fucked the way she wanted it…secretly. She knew she was in peril, but could do anything about it. So, she started to comply. By the end, he was deep inside her with his massive cock, running his fingers on her anus. Pleasure she never felt alone with a foreboding feeling that she was going to be fucked—and not in the sexual way. But she pushed that thought back down as he brought her to her knees, rope around her neck, forcing her to suck him off.
When it was over, she was light-headed and ready for what was next.

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