PKF Studios – Happy Birthday

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The plan was simple. Make Ashley his.
Today was his birthday and he was busy cancelling it. Working down the list of names he had, he soberly told each one that the bit party planned was not going to happen. He told everyone. Except Ashley.
She arrived, excited to celebrate Rocks birthday. He was a longtime acquaintance, always seemed to be in her life in some minute way, and she always enjoyed his energy when he was around. He was harmless fun at the karaoke bar, or the loud story teller at the friends party. And she was excited to help him celebrate his birthday.

They chit chatted for a moment and he got her some champagne. He drugged hers of course…the 2nd part of his plan. She was starting to wonder why no one was around. She would not wonder for long.
Now she was nervous and decided that harmless Rock was actually kind of creepy when alone. She got up to go, and passed out. He caught her.
NOW the party was starting.
He had her all to himself. No one was coming. He proceeded to feel her warm, sexy body all over, eventually stripping all but her stockings and examining her pussy, and squeezing and sucking her luscious tits.
He took her up to the bedroom for the 3rd part of his plan. Cuffed to the bed, he fucked the pussy and mouth of unconscious Ashley. It was heaven.
Then she regained consciousness he he started the 4th part of his plan….domination! He forcefully fucked her mouth until he eventually unloaded all over her face. Humiliated and scared, Ashley was in tears and terror.
He left her and she realized the keys to the cuffs were right next to her on the night stand. Only, she could not reach them….just inches away. But, she worked out a crazy plan and stripping off one stocking with her heel spike, she managed to contort her leg and grab the key with her toes. Getting it into the lock was a miracle, but once done, she had the cuff off and was working on the other….

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