PKF Studios – Harmony Drowned And Fucked

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“Harmony Drowned and Fucked”
Starring Harmony Korine

Petite, young Harmony strips out of her clothes and draws a hot bath. She needs to relax after a long day. She steps into the steaming water and chats with a friend. Harmony lets her guard down and slips deeper into the water. The water feels so soothing. Harmony caresses her nude body.

An intruder slinks up the stairs and silently enters the bathroom. He pins Harmony’s little head down under the water with his big hand. Harmony thrashes her skinny arms and kicks her feet against the wall of the shower. The bubbles rise to the surface less and less frequently, and Harmony’s movements begin to slow.

Once Harmony lies still beneath the surface of the bathwater, the intruder carries her out of the tub and dries her off. He brings her to the bed and tenderly eats Harmony’s waterlogged snatch. The killer feels his boner throbbing in his jeans and fingers Harmony’s warm, dead pussy. Spreading Harmony’s skinny long legs, the killer slides his cock in Harmony’s tight twat. Her eyes stare dead-ahead as her murderer fucks her corpse.

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