PKF Studios – Inside Stalker 2 Part 2

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“Inside Stalker 2”
Part 2

Starring Harmony Wonder

Now the real stuff started. He was in her, fucking her tiny cunt, making her moan and scream. This went on and one as he explored several positions with this pliable girl. He made a mental note–best one yet.

He wanted her to do well and he encourage her by suggesting he might let her go. Total bullshit but they always were grasping at any glimmer of hope. So, she got to work, milking his cock, licking his balls, slobbering, drooling until he could hold it no more and bust all over her pretty young face.

She was so innocent looking up at him and he knew, right there, that he wanted to stick his engorged cock back into her when she was lifeless. After a long strangle, she was quiet. The girl was dead. She had managed to make it 18 years in this world without running into a psychotic killer. Oh well, one less polluter.

Time to find another girl to kill.

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