PKF Studios – Inside Stalker 3: Part 2

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The stalker lives out all of his long-held fantasies. He forces Natalie’s long legs open, drilling her tight box, then turns her around and pounds her doggystyle. Natalie whimpers and screams, but she can’t escape his vengeful cock.

Once he’s used her up from every angle, the stalker hogties Natalie and let’s her stew for a bit. He returns later to spank Natalie’s naughty ass. She finally stops screaming long enough for him to make her an offer. He’ll let her live if she gives him the best blowjob of her life. Natalie reluctantly gets on her knees and goes to work servicing her attacker’s cock.

The stalker rewards Natalie with a thick, ropey load all over her face. Then, he gives her the release she craves. With Natalie distracted, the stalker slips a length of rope around Natalie’s neck. She thrashes wildly, sensing her impending doom. She can’t escape though, and he chokes the life out of her. The stalker leaves Natalie lying on her bed, her cum-soaked visage frozen in a death mask.

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