PKF Studios – Killed My Skater Girl

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Starring Salem.

Tony didn’t know what came over him at that moment. He was always hating his little bitch of a daughter because she always talked back and was stupid just like his ex. Maybe it was the meth talking, but he freaked out and grabbed the fucking cunt by the neck, brought her down hard to the floor and started strangling her. She struggled and fought, her skinny little chicken legs kicking up a storm. She gagged and choked as he squeezed her tiny twig neck until she was not moving anymore. She lay there, utterly still, staring up…..a motionless girl…his girl. Fuck! He would make up a story. She never came home. Yeah, that would be the story. He grabbed a wheelchair. He plopped her in…she was so light, even in death. He probably should have made sure she ate healthier like a good parent…but, he was not one of those.

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