PKF Studios – Nanny Interview 4 Part 2

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With Alexis all but resigned to getting raped, Mr. Jones strips down and removes her red lace panties. She weakly whimpers as he forces his fingers inside her and then again into her lovely mouth. He flips her over and lifts her ass up. She screams for him to stop as he jams his big stiff cock inside. All her fussing just makes him harder. He fucks her hard, not waiting for her pussy to get wet.

Alexis sobs pathetically as Mr. Jones rails her delicious cunt. He pinches her soft pink nipples and holds her down by her throat when she starts to struggle. Mr. Jones bangs her hard while forcing his fingers down her throat. Once he’s thoroughly defiled Alexis’s innocent pussy, Mr. Jones cuffs Alexis’s wrists to her ankles and let’s her struggle for a bit.

Mr. Jones returns later to gloat and play with Alexis’s pretty pink pussy some more. He decides to show her his collection of toys. He shoves the dildo roughly down her throat before jamming into her already abused cunt. The dildo goes into Alexis’s mouth some more, to let her taste the load he left in her vag. Next, comes the vibrator he modified to exceed the safety limits. It buzzes harshly against Alexis’s already throbbing clit. It hurts and she doesn’t want to cum for him, but like everything else today, she has no choice.

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