Psycho Thrillers – Forced Love

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Starring: Dallas Black.

After a minute or two she orgasms again, satisfied she rolls over and fell asleep from exhaustion. Her brother recovers from the drugs, sees what just happen and his beyond pissed!! He starts screaming at her, “you raped me”. She told him, “be quiet or I will tell our parents that you raped me, they will believe me over you”. Knowing she is right, he pulls out garrote from his nightstand, wrapped it around her neck and strangler her to death. Panicked after killing his sister, he paces up and down his room and yelling at her dead body, calling her names and pissed that she forces him to do it. He looked at her body laying on his bed naked, spread eagle. He can’t resist, pulls his pants down and fucks her dead body until he cums on her stomach.

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