Psycho Thrillers – Hollywood Scandal Part 1, 2 & 3

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Starring: Hannah Hays, Tommy Pistol, Jon Jon

The producer and his assistant come back into the bedroom where they have tied the actress. They take pictures of her, though she tries to turn her head and face away from the camera. The producer tells her there are three cameras in the room – that this is her chance to be the star of her own movie.
He then caresses and molests her, inviting his assistant to join him. Though her gag she pleads for them to stop. Finally ones gets scissors and cuts off completely her bra and panties and throws them off the bed. Her pussy is fingered and licked. 

They use a dildo and hatachi on her, bringing her to a forced orgasm. She lies on the bed exhausted whimpering. They remove her cuffs and drag her roughly off the bed to her knees. They cuff her hands behind her, spank her, and tell her she must cooperate. They choke her and give her forced oral. 
Eventually she is thrown on the bed, the restraints are taken off her wrists, freeing her arms. They force her to her hands and knees for more hard oral. One guy gets behind her and fucks her. While she whimpers and begs, they take her in multiple positions. Finally she is tied again spread-eagle, left crying and weakly struggling. 

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