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Jennifer White plays a home owners association executive tasked with resolving repeated neighbor complaints about excessive noise and visitors at all times of the night primarily from one neighbor whose house is directly next to the alleged home. Full of confidence, she requests to be let in only to encounter another man she did not know was living there. Remaining calm, she takes a seat and talks to the home owner about the list of complaints. His stubbornness towards resolving the issues and his friend’s sexual comments towards her inflames her and compels her to threaten the home owner with eviction.

As she prepares to leave, she is surprised from behind by the home owner who grabs her and forces her down the hall and into his bedroom where they tear off her clothing and tie her up. Both men fondle her with the intent of fucking her for a long time when there is another knock at the door. They tie her and gag her then answer the door, only to discover it is their neighbor. Snug and arrogant, she demands to be let in to meet with the home agent and is led down a hall to the bedroom where she finds the agent tied up and naked. The neighbors yells out then tries to escape, making a mad dash towards the door but one of the men captures her and carries her fighting body back to the bedroom where she too is gagged and tied to the bed after being stripped naked.

Both women are thoroughly raped then brought out the bedroom to have their fates decided. Once they decide to rid themselves of the women, they carry them back into the bedroom, smacking their asses and looking forward to more good times. After playing with them, the leader of both men has a change of heart and decides to snap his victim’s neck and encourages his partner to do the same. His shock turns to desperation when his victim goes for the gun on the edge of the bed. In the struggle, his partner breaks her neck, killing her instantly. Both victims are left naked, bruised and twitching on the bed in silence.

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