Psycho Thrillers – Julia X VS Mask Ripper

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Starring Sarah Jessie.

She hears a sound. She drops her gun on floor and calls out thinking she can full him with her story and her beauty. She has another gun behind her pants in back and knife in her boot. No response. Julia steps away from where she has left her gun. The Masked Ripper appears suddenly behind Julia. She is startled, then horrified when because he is now pointing shotgun at her. He orders her strip to her underwear and her tiny shirt. When she is undressing she drop the second gun. The masked Ripper knows she have more weapons on her. She reaches for her knife in her boot knocks the barrel of shotgun away from her, but reaper over powers her and snaps her neck. The Ripper carries her dead body to table and starts fucking her. After some hard pounding he climaxes inside her, take his gun and told her this is his way of dealing with traders. Then he just leaves without his signature stile ripping murder.

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