Psycho Thrillers – Model For Murder 3

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Victoria plays a professional bondage model who is caught in a deadly trap. She meets at the home of a man who wants to shoot bondage video and offers lots of money to do so to attract his victim. Savvy, Victoria asks the proper questions but he provides the proper answers. Soon she is topless in Capri leggings, her feet tied tightly to a heavy piece of exercise equipment, her hands free. She is at ease, posing innocently and apparently having fun until he excuses himself and returns with a mask and gloves, telling her its for her to put on eventually. He continues to film her then nonchalantly forces her hands behind her hand and handcuffs then together. She begins to become uncomfortable and asks questions that are repeatedly ignored.

She grows anxious then upset, demanding to be let go. As she pleads, he pulls a nylon stocking out his pocket and quickly wraps it tightly around her throat. She screams and twists violently, screaming for help then cursing him and spiting at him until she realizes she cannot free herself and her breath grows shorter. Her eyes start to bulge and cross as she fights off slipping into unconsciousness. After long minutes of fighting and struggling, her body begins to betray her and spasms. She is gurgling, eyes wide. Sensing victory, he tugs on the garrote violently, wringing the last of the life from her sexy body. Soon she is dead for his movie. He releases the garrote and walks away to relax.

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