Psycho Thrillers – They Will Pay 2: Taylor Part 1

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Starring: Jack Vegas, Taylor Sands, Aaron Wilcox

Taylor is making herself some coffee while she is getting ready for work, when she is surprised by an intruder in the kitchen. She grabs a knife and threatens the man, but backs up into a second intruder who holds her arms so she drops the blade. They carry her out to car where the first man uses a stun gun over and over to knock her out. She slumps in his arms.

In the back of truck she is gagged and handcuffed. She is semi-conscious as she is played with through her dress. When they get to a house as they are taking her out of the back of the truck she breaks free but gets caught and stunned into unconsciousness again. She’s taken into house, laid on floor, slapped awake, kicked around and stunned again.

Her gag and cuffs are taken off and made to stand. She is pulled across one’s knees face down, held down and spanked., then a dildo is used on her. They subject her to hard oral and dildo fucking and rough sex.

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