Truly Rough Productions – The Hostage

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Starring: Alexandria Von Strutter, Dan Sergeant and Taylor Long

Alexandria is captured and being held in a cold room. She was kidnapped and is being held hostage by a ruthless man who sent his demand for money to her husband a day ago. She paces around the room, nervously awaiting her fate, chanting to herself to keep herself calm.

Suddenly, the door bursts open and in enters her captor. In his hand is a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold. She asks if her husband has paid yet, and the man replies “We’re gonna find out.” He steps across the room, binds her hands and covers her eyes with the blindfold and leads her out of the room.

The captor leads her into an open room and drops her to her knees on the stone floor. She is frightened and begins to weep, afraid she’s about to be killed. Her captor tells her to be quiet as he dials her husband. The husband demands to speak to his wife before paying, and the captor complies. He lets her say a couple words before snatching the phone back and ordering payment. 

The husband quickly transfers the money and, after checking to make sure the money went through, the captor gives him a location and says he will find his wife there. 

After hanging up, Alexandria asks if she’s about to be let go. The captor replies that she will be, and she smiles, thinking her ordeal is almost over. She profusely begins thanking her captor, not knowing that he has raised his gun level to her head. In mid-sentence, he fires a single shot into her brain killing her instantly! She flops down to the floor, coughs up a little blood and dies. She will never get to see her husband after all. 

The captor raises her blind fold, her eyes staring off into nothingness. He never promised her husband would find her alive. He removes her handcuffs and leaves her body on the floor while he goes to fetch a camera. 

Once he returns he takes a single photo of her body. Then he grabs her by the wrists and drags her off into the next room onto a rug. He rolls her body up in the rug and carries her off to be disposed. 

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