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Two Women Forced To Suck and Puke

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Suffering Sluts – Choked Chaimbermaid

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The torture continues for the captured maid as she is now tied by the throat in a dirty basement. Her legs are forced into a spread position as she is also forced to squat in an uncomfortable position with all of her weight on her high heels.
With her legs tied spread,her naked cunt is made available for her captor to play with. He much rather prefers to fuck his victim in the mouth,over and over until he cums onto her face,leaving her in a mess of drool and spunk to choke the night away,all alone.

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Necro Videos – Pussy Roulette

Tyler is held up at gunpoint, forced to remove her clothes as perp begins sexually assaulting her with knife. Next, she is forced to her knees to perform oral sex on him. He throws her into a chair to perform oral sex on her and fuck her, only to make her suck his cock again. He puts her on all fours and fucks her vaginally and anally until he cums all over her ass. Now he puts her in a chair and ties her four limbs to it then plays a game of pussy roulette until he shoots her twice in the venus mound and one time in each breast until she finally expires as blood flows from her body and mouth.

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Bad Student Aurora Roseris Gets Punished

Bad student Aurora Roseris is in trouble again for chewing gum in class. I had enough of her disrespectful attitude. It was time to break her of that habit with a firm hand, a lot of gum and a mouthful of cock

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