PKF Studios – Counter Offer : Part 1

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Starring Natalie Knight

 A sexy real estate agent named Natalie is waiting for a wealthy client to arrive at a house showing. Stan arrives and he’s a large, gregarious man. She shows him around the house and Stan explains he reached out to Natalie because she looked so cute in her photo.

She notices that Stan is carrying a bag and he explains it’s just some work stuff.Natalie tries to show off the house, but notices Stan is more interested in checking her out. Starting to get the creeps, Natalie tries to end the meeting. She pulls out her phone and tries to dial for help behind her back. Stan’s demeanor changes quickly and the large man slams Natalie down on the couch.

He picks the tiny girl up by her throat and throttles her while her feet dangle in the air.Natalie passes out and Stan’s mind goes to his trusty bag. He gropes Natalie’s sexy little body. She begins to awaken, but Stan forces some pills down her throat. It’ll keep her immobile but still able to feel everything he does to her. Stan spanks Natalie as the drug kicks in. This is going to be fun.

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