PKF Studios – Dorm Room Killer

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Starring Ashley Lane

 Sexy college coed Ashley is on the phone with her mom. Ashley is excited to start a new job and to come home for break. She hangs up and falls asleep quickly. Late in the night an intruder creeps into her dorm room and slithers into her bed. He slides off her panties and sniffs them hungrily. The intruder lifts up Ashley’s top and fondles her perfect perky tits.

Ashley awakens from the groping and is shocked to see a hulking stranger in her bed. The intruder wraps a cord around Ashley’s throat and garrotes her. He holds Ashley’s flailing body close to him in her bed as she thrashes for her life. Ashley reaches for her phone but knocks it off the nightstand. All she can do is gasp and spasm as the life is choked out of her.

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