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“Home Invasion”
Starring Stella Pharris

The two men throw Stella to the sofa and pin her down. They stroke their cocks through their jeans and unzip their flies. Stella sobs and pleads for them not to do what she knows they’re going to do. They take turns forcing their cocks in Stella’s pouty mouth. They throw her to the floor and strip off her underwear. The two attackers rub their awful cocks all over Stella’s pretty face. The thin one forces his big schlong down her poor throat while the other rapes her from behind.

They pin her to the ground and take turns railing Stella missionary style on the carpet. They force her to look in their eyes while they defile her. The big one humiliates her by stepping on her pretty little face as his friend rapes her. Stella gets thoroughly spit-roasted. The two men grab and fuck her little pale body like an inanimate object.

Just when Stella starts to quiet down and submit to her attacker’s brutal whims, Aaron grabs her from behind and wraps his big hands around her thin neck. Her much stronger attacker keeps fucking Stella’s pussy as he throttles her. Stella gargles and chokes, clawing at the man’s hands, but she can’t free herself from the deadly grip. Eventually, Stella falls still and silent, the life choked out of her.

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