PKF Studios – The Murder of Kate

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“The Murder of Kate”
Starring Kate Kennedy

To send a message to deadbeat Randy, the hitman binds Kate and wraps a belt around her neck. He brings her to the bedroom and slowly strangles her into submission. The hitman came prepared with a bag of goodies. He binds Kate’s ankles and hogties her on the bed. He strangles her again. Kate’s plump ass jiggles through her satin pajama bottoms as she’s throttled.

The hitman pulls out a taser. He holds Kate down and electrocutes her tits, then strangles her again with the belt. The hitman roughly bites and pinches at Kate’s perky tits. He cuts off her delicate pajamas and flogs her big ass. The hitman finds an empty bottle and roughly forces it up Kate’s poor cunt. He fingers her hard and shoves his wet digits in her whimpering mouth.

A load of cum splashes off of Kate’s tear-covered cheeks. The hitman instantly turns violent and throttles Kate on the bed with his bare hands. Kate flails and thrashes her naked, fluid-coated body to no avail. The hitman chokes Kate to death and unbinds her from her restraints. He returns later and forces Kate’s dead body to ride him. He grabs her fat pale ass with both hands and rams his cock into her tight cunt. The hitman drags Kate to the edge of the bed and pounds her from behind. He blows his load inside her, satisfied for now. Randy still has to pay though…

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