Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away 3

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Starring: Amanda Marie, Severian

Amanda is at home alone getting ready to make some coffee when a knock comes at the door. She is confused, as she was not expecting anyone, and goes to the door and finds herself face to face with a man holding a gun.

The man forces Amanda back into her home at gunpoint and asks where her valuables are. She gestures at the counter where her purse is. Keeping the gun trained on her, the man searches her purse and wallet and finds nothing of value. He yells at her, frustrated. 

Amanda offers to do “other things” for the man instead. He tells her to take her clothes off. She begins by lowering her hood, revealing her bald head. The man is somewhat phased by this, but tells her to continue. 

She removes her hoodie and jeans, and begins to get self-conscious. The man sternly tells her to continue. She removes her bra and panties, and covers up at first. But then, something changes in her and she uncovers, revealing herself defiantly to her attacker. The man unzips his pants, reminding her what she agreed to do.

Amanda strides over to the man, kneels down, undoes his pants and disgustedly begins to give him a blowjob all while a gun is up against her head. She works hard to please him, hoping once he’s satisfied he will go away. Instead, once he cums in her mouth, the gun goes off!

Her body tenses up, frozen in time for her last moments before finally going limp, sitting upright before him. He gently nudges her head away from him, watching his cum drip from her mouth. He then buttons his pants back up and walks out of the home, planning on visiting the neighbors next…

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