Truly Rough Productions – Cut Caroline

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Starring: Caroline De Jaie and Conor Coxxx

Conor has had a bad day. He stews at the table alone, not knowing that his girl, Caroline, is about to surprise him. She appears dressed to the nines, with two drinks in hand. His day just got a little bit better.

She takes a seat next to him, and they share a silent toast, but he doesn’t care about the drink. They begin kissing, and she removes her dress, pulls down his pants and gives him a glorious blow job. They fuck in all manner of different positions, and he cums on her belly.

Caroline lays back down on the table, satisfied. Meanwhile, Conor goes behind the table and fetches a knife. He looms over her, positioning the knife just above her throat and just as she’s about the open her eyes, he slices right across her neck!

Her hands immediately reach up, trying to stop the blood loss, but her blood still manages to leak through her fingers. She desperately tries to hang on, but she cannot stop death any longer. Blood seems into her mouth, and she slowly dies on the table, the gifted drinks spilled near her corpse. 

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